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All classes held at Grace Lutheran Church, 2191 West Chester Pike, Broomall, PA 19008, unless otherwise indicated.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Starting September 26th • Tuesdays, 4:30-6:00 PM

Fall Holiday Cooking and Baking

For ages 5 to 10 • Cost $330 per semester

Fall Harvest Holidays, Halloween, National Cupcake Day, Diwali, National Meatball Day, Dia de Los Muertos, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, and lots of surprises. The best part of these fun holidays is learning about them and of, baking, and eating! Join us as we create some traditional holiday recipes and some new favorites. This class is open to beginners and returning students. The majority of our recipes and projects are NOT repeated from the prior few years.

This is a 5-class session.

Starting November 2 •  Thursdays, 4:30-6:00 PM

Let's Cook!

For ages 11 to 14 • Cost $265 per semester

In this cooking class our Chefs-in-training will learn to identify and use tools and appliances in the kitchen, read recipes and labels, create shopping lists, and use proper kitchen safety while we create all types of recipes from apps to entrees to desserts and everything in between. We will work individually and in teams as we build our confidence in the kitchen. This class is open to beginners as well as returning students. The majority of the recipes used in this class have NOT been prepared in prior classes. There are 4 classes in this session.

Children's Cooking Class
Pasta Meal

Starting September 27th • Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM

ABC Cook With Me! 

Toddlers ages 3 to 5 • Cost $250 per semester

Our toddler class, A, B, C...Cook With Me, runs once a week for 45 minutes and is designed to give our students an opportunity to get their hands dirty and to be creative in the kitchen. Each week we have a set curriculum and a skill(s) that we learn and practice in class.  


Toddlers and Pre-K students roll up their sleeves and have fun as we stir, mash, roll, taste, touch, smell, eat, and become familiar with kitchen techniques and equipment.  Our classes strengthen and encourage the development of physical, social, and emotional skills as well as literacy and cognitive skills. This class will include lessons and storytelling combined with child-friendly, hands-on, food activities related to our holiday and seasonal-based curriculum. 

10-class session

Starting September 28th • Thursdays, 4:30-6:15 PM

Cook With Me!

For ages 3 to 14 • Cost $450 per semester

Mommy and Me, Daddy and Me, Grandma and Me, Babysitter and Me, Big Brother and Me...whatever you would like to call this class, it includes an adult and a child. You get to be the sous chef and we do all the shopping, organizing, and clean up. Cook together side by side with your young one, bonding, having fun, and eating delicious food.  


This is a 5-class session. The price includes one adult and one child. 

Baking Together

The instructors and staff at The Center for Learning are dedicated to delivering fun and engaging programs that also teach your children important skills in a safe and nurturing environment. 
Call us today at 610-505-5617 or to learn more about our classes.

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